Sweet Snapshots of the Week

by Shellycious

Don’t be my friend if you don’t have a big sweet tooth. Okay fine that is too extreme, but my point is that I cannot leave without desserts and sweet. So here is what I’ve got down in my stomach this week, some of them are good, some are bad, and some are life-changing.

Macaroons from Ceci-Cela, the old, famed French bakery in SoHO. This is by far the cheapest macaroon I found in the city, $ 1.50 for one, but that doesn’t compromise the quality.  The size is slightly smaller than the ones from Macaron Cafe and La Maison du Chocolat and they have some interesting flavor. However, I feel like they don’t seem to take of this delicate desserts good enough by laying them randomly out in the fridge, so some of them are cracked.

Green Tea Mousse Cake from Lady M, UES. A lovely piece of cake that conveyed an almost ethereal sensation. The chiffon cake, whipped matcha cream, and the cake crumb that envelopes the cake all melt in my mouth instantly. It is good but could be better. There’s always possibility for improvement in terms of green tea flavored dessert I think because I’m such a snob when it comes to green tea.

Laboratorio del Gelato is hard to miss for a gelato fan like me. I’m always adventurous there by trying any flavor that I haven’t had before, so this time I got corn and Turkish fig. The corn flavor was kind of a disappointment because it was so mild that one can hardly tell it’s corn. The Turkish fig on the other hand hits my taste buds strong and tastes like sweet honey.  I also sampled the black mission fig, which is milder but more aromatic than its exotic cousin.

These mini donuts are my dessert course from a lunch date at the Portuguese restaurant Aldea. Maybe because it was lunch, the meal itself was unimpressive, but this dish with the witty name  “Sonhos little dreams” drew my attention. The donuts came burning hot and heavily sugared with some cinnamon powder. The inside has this meltingly hot texture that almost reminds me of takoyaki, the octopus ball I’ve had back in Japan. Three different sauces that came with it are hazelnut chocolate,  caramel, and rhubarb compote, which I voted as the best match for the donuts because its refreshing quality lightens the donuts well.

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