[Brunch Around] Telepan in UWS

by Shellycious

I think it is necessary for me to start a series for brunch since this is my favorite meal of all. What is better than rising up on a lazy weekend and to be welcomed by a meal that is not so overwhelming in portion but tasty as usual? The fact that my day started hectic might have suggest the doomed destiny of the underwhelmed brunch I had at Telepan, a UWS brunch spot where the seriouseats had reviewed before and had questionsed the claim of the best brunch in the city. I’m pretty much on the same side with seriouseats.

With a variety of choices, the $28 two-course menu looked extremely appetizing, so it made my friend and me hard to decide which dishes we wanted. We eventually settled for a savory and sweet course for each of us in order to balance out the meal. The appetizer arrived way faster than I expected, in like literally three minutes, which made me think that the food was prepared ahead of time. I guess it is fine if the parfait was taken out straight from the fridge. I usually don’t care much about how beautifully the presentation since I think the taste should matter more, afterall, it is our tastebuds that are undergoing the, not our eyes, but the dishes looked sort of messy: my friend’s parfait has yogurt stained on top of the glass whereas my soup looks pretty oily. It tastes good, but I kind of regretted that I ordered something I could probably figure out myself in my kitchen.

My entree was quite amazing and made up for the lack of excitement of the appetizer. Topped with fresh whipped cream, the French toast is spreaded and filled with rhubarb and strawberry jam. The French toast itself is fluffy and not too sweet. The size was just right for me because I always get intimidated by big slices of French toast. I also took a bite of the omelette and was very surprised by the tender texture  of the egg that was cooked properly and infused with the aroma of mushroom.

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