Really need to come back

by Shellycious

That’s how bad procratination can be. It’s been over a month since I posted the last article. The extreme guilt I felt did not stem from the public . I realize this blog is not anything that’s  much anticipated by any enthusiatic readers. Still, I hate to see this little gourmet paradise of mine becoming untended and going in ruin.

Anyway, so I went back home to China for spring break. I remembered my initial plan was to stay in the States till this summer, but I really could not wait a moment longer, as my nostalgic feeling grew so strong in the bleak winter of Williamstown that I started to dream about things and people at home in a regular interval.

Hmmm, what is this in English? I really don’t know, something like clam but not quite. Super spicy and super delicious!

Home was nice, although very few of friends were there. It was not necessarily a bad thing because I got to spend some quality time with my family and… FOOD. To be honest, I’m never a huge fan of my hometown food like most of the overseas student, but this time it was almost like an epiphany that my appreciation for my hometown food suddenly grew.  I woke up every morning at seven to try every kind of breakfast food offered. My hometown Wuhan, is known for its huge variety of breakfast choices. Then I continued my food hunt to different restaurants and street stands for the rest of the day.

This is a kind of crsipy sweet street eat made of glutinous rice and confectioner sugar. I used to eat this everyday after school.

marinated bayberry satifies my sweet tooth

Another part of my life at home was certainly cooking. I was excited to reclaim my spacious, sun-filled, and well-equippted kitchen in my apartment. With familiy friends visitng frequently, I cooked for them several times and also spent some days experiementing and improving some dishes I always wanted to tackle with.There in my wonderful kitchen, I made the chocolate Souffle successfully  for the first time in my life (I could only make vanilla flavor before), and I found an easier but equally delicious way of making Julia Child’s beef bourguignon, that is to soak the beef in red wine over night along with some vegetables and to subtitute the bacon fat part with prepared lard.

Mushroom forbidden rice (black rice), got my inspiration from Cynthia

yay chocolate souffle!

2 thoughts on “Really need to come back

  1. Found your website through your Serious Eats profile. I love that you are from Wuhan, love food, (and go to Williams?). Any recommendations for food in SH or Hong Kong? And when are you back in China?

    • Hi Xiaoxia! (our names sound so similar :) )
      Thanks for visiting my blog, and I’m so happy you’ve heard about Wuhan (and Williams too!). Oh I miss my hometown, it has so many good and spicy food there! For food in Shanghai and Hongkong, I go to both places quite a lot but in fact never get a chance to dig further than the places I eat all the time. However, I can recommend those places I frequent. Are you thinking about their local famous dish or cheap street food?

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